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Upper West Side Digital takes pride and great personal care in the transfer of your photos, slides, films, audio tapes, and vinyl records to digital media.

Do you have a one-of-a-kind photo, a hard-to-find vinyl record? Or maybe there’s Mini DV video tape with that special occasion on it. Having a digital copy to safeguard a memory, or share with friends and family is a great idea. Your photos, slides, video tapes, vinyl records, film, and audio cassettes may hold a significant meaning to you. With a digital copy, you can easily upload your media to a website, or share it social media. UWS Digital can walk you through the steps.

Our transfer services include special attention to detail, including cleaning of film and high-resolution scans of photos and slides. We also provide color correction and other services using professional equipment to give your memories new life.

In addition to film and audio media, 35MM photo slides are also transferred at high resolution to digital files